The Condemned: Criminal Originals!

The Condemned: Criminal Originals!

If you like the genre of thrillers and horrors, you might as well take an instant liking to the Condemned: Criminal Originals that happens to be a first person horror game. As a player in the game, you get to take on the role of Ethan Thomas who is in search of a serial killer named X. The game was originally launched for the Xbox 360 and it was later developed by Monolith Productions.

The Plot
Needless to say, the game has an interesting plot with a number of twists and turns, atypical of a horror story as it unfolds. Ethan Thomas, the protagonist and the hero of the game, is an SCU agent who arrives at a murder scene where the criminal is misunderstood to be a person named The Match Maker. Upon arrival, Ethan discovers that the real criminal is a serial killer named X who is a mysterious personality and has a unique and strange motive behind his killings.
There are a few common occurrences that keep coming up throughout the plot. Some of them, for example, are homeless people across the city reporting acts of violence, birds dying in large numbers, unexplained brain tumors etc.

Unlike most horror and action games, this one delays the handing over of the firearms and instead focuses on techniques and concepts of crime solving. This keeps the game play interesting and makes a player more adept each time he plays the game.
The enemy encounters in the game play are made unique and interesting by adding the element of artificial intelligence. This also adds the element of unpredictability to the game.
The game features Melee weapons and uses them more than firearms. The entire story of Condemned: Criminal Origin’s is divided into ten chapters. The game has an increased difficulty level and it is interesting to play only when you have a fair idea of wielding weapons on-screen frequently.

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